HTML _ RL30108 - Agricultural Exports and Food Aid Programs
11-Mar-1999; Remy Jurenas; 13 p.

Abstract: This report identifies the six countries currently subject to U.S. economic sanctions that restrict shipments of agricultural and food products. It also presents data on the agricultural products that these countries import, estimates the extent to which U.S. agricultural exports were reduced in 1996 as a result of these sanctions, and briefly analyzes the impact of these ¨lost export sales¨ on the U.S. agricultural sector and national economy. The report summarizes current statutory provisions that pertain to sanctions imposed on agricultural shipments, legislative actions taken in the 105th Congress and proposed in the l06th relating to sanctions on U.S. agriculture, the Clinton Administration's views, and arguments made for and against exempting or treating food differently in carrying out U.S. sanctions policy. This report will be updated to reflect major congressional action or significant policy decisions announced by the Administration on this issue. [read report]

Topics: Economics & Trade, Agriculture, International

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