PDF _ RL30198 - Food Biotechnology in the United States:Science, Regulation and IssuesScience, Regulation, and Issues
2-Jun-1999; Donna U. Vogt, Mickey Parish; 20 p.

Abstract: This report provides basic information on the science of food biotechnology. It discusses regulatory policies and issues of concern about the use of biotechnology to modify foods through genetic engineering. It describes the scientific processes used and current products available. It explains how all three major federal agencies - the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency - regulate these foods. Consumers have expressed concerns about the uncertain long-term impact on public health and the environment particularly the consequences of cross pollination, the impact on eco-systems, and the development of resistance with the use of some bioengineered plant pesticides. Some critics also question the expanding market power of a few multinational companies, the growing unease in international trade relationships over the fast adoption by U.S. farmers of bioengineered crops, and the current federal structure by which it is regulated. Others argue that food biotechnology will enhance crop yields, produce foods with novel characteristics, while using fewer pesticides. This report will be updated periodically. [read report]

Topics: Science & Technology, Agriculture, International

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