PDF _ RS20235 - Farm and Food Support Under USDA's Section 32 Program
28-Nov-2006; Geoffrey Becker; 6 p.

Update: Previous releases:
August 11, 2006
November 11, 2005

Abstract: “Section 32” is a permanent appropriation that since 1935 has earmarked the equivalent of 30% of annual customs receipts to support the farm sector through a variety of activities. Today, most of this appropriation (now approximately $6.5 billion yearly) is transferred to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) account that funds child nutrition programs. Other Section 32 funds are used by USDA to purchase meats, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and fish, which are diverted mainly to school lunch and other domestic food programs. Several times in recent years, the Secretary of Agriculture also has drawn substantial amounts from Section 32 to pay for special farm disaster relief. This has added to the debate over how much flexibility the Secretary should have over use of the reserve, and whether the disaster aid has or could come at the expense of the other Section 32 activities. This report will be updated.

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Topics: Agriculture, Federal Agencies

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