PDF _ RS22086 - Agriculture and FY2006 Budget Reconciliation
2-Nov-2005; Ralph M. Chite; 6 p.

Update: Dec 1, 2005



Abstract: The FY2006 budget resolution (H.Con.Res. 95, H.Rept. 109 62) contains reconciliation instructions that require authorizing committees to report legislation to reduce spending on mandatory programs within each committee's jurisdiction. The resolution instructed the House and Senate Agriculture Committees to report legislation reducing spending on USDA mandatory programs by $173 million in FY2006 and $3.0 billion over five years (FY2006-FY2010). The House and Senate Agriculture Committees have completed action on their recommendations ($3.65 billion in the House and $3.0 billion in the Senate). The two measures would reduce spending on farm commodity and conservation programs in varying ways. The House measure also eliminates funding for various rural development programs and reduces food stamp spending. The Senate extends authority for a dairy income support program, which would require an offset of its projected cost. Reconciliation floor action is expected in November. This report will be updated. [read report]

Topics: Agriculture

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