PDF _ RS21776 - Shrimp Trade Dispute: Chronology
2-Aug-2004; Eugene H. Buck; 6 p.

Update: December 6, 2004

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Abstract: In 2003, elements of the U.S. shrimp industry became increasingly concerned by what they believed to be unfair pricing practices for warm-water shrimp exported by six countries: Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. An ad hoc committee of shrimp boat owners and shrimp processors filed antidumping petitions on December 31, 2003. This action is opposed by U.S. seafood distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, and other businesses involved in shrimp processing and marketing, as well as by the targeted exporting countries. The preliminary determinations of antidumping duty investigations have been announced, and final determinations on action to be taken are anticipated in late 2004 and early 2005. This report will be updated as the issue evolves. [read report]

Topics: Economics & Trade, Agriculture

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