PDF _ 94-731 - Brief Summaries of Federal Animal Protection Statutes
15-Aug-2008; Henry Cohen; 34 p.

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November 6, 2007
February 27, 2007
October 16, 2006
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February 10, 2006

Abstract: This report contains brief summaries of federal animal protection statutes, listed alphabetically. It does not include treaties, although it does include statutes enacted to implement treaties. It includes statutes concerning animals that are not entirely, or not at all, animal protection statutes. For example, it includes a statute authorizing the eradication of predators, because one of the statute’s purposes is to protect domestic and “game” animals; and it includes statutes to conserve fish, although their ultimate purpose may not be for the fishes’ benefit. It also includes statutes that allow the disabled to use service animals, and even includes statutes aimed at acts of animal rights advocates (the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992, and the Recreational Hunting Safety and Preservation Act of 1994).

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Topics: Government, General, Information

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