PDF _ RS22597 - Global Climate Change and Wildlife
15-May-2008; Pervaze A. Sheikh, M. Lynne Corn, Jane A. Leggett, and Peter Folger; 6 p.

Abstract: Recently projected climate changes could have widespread effects on wildlife species. These effects may include extinctions, changes in species’ ranges, mismatches in their phenologies (timing of pollination, flowering, etc.), and population declines. Other species could flourish in response to projected climate change. Effects of climate change on wildlife have been reported for some species and populations in localized areas. Many studies also show that climate change acts in concert with other variables to effect changes in species. If climate change is widespread, there is uncertainty on how wildlife will adapt. Some suggest that evolution and migration will enable species to adapt, whereas others contend that adaptation will be minimal because of limited habitat and changes in climate that may occur more rapidly than adaptation can respond. [read report]

Topics: Biodiversity, International, Information

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