PDF _ RL33928 - Ethanol and Biofuels: Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Market Constraints Related to Expanded Production
16-Mar-2007; Brent D. Yacobucci and Randy Schnepf; 16 p.

Abstract: High petroleum and gasoline prices, concerns over global climate change, and the desire to promote domestic rural economies have greatly increased interest in biofuels as an alternative to petroleum in the U.S. transportation sector. Biofuels, most notably corn-based ethanol, have grown significantly in the past few years as a component of U.S. motor fuel supply. Ethanol, the most commonly used biofuel, is blended in nearly half of all U.S. gasoline (at the 10% level or lower in most cases). However, current biofuel supply represents less than 4% of total gasoline demand.

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Topics: Energy, Agriculture, Economics & Trade

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