PDF _ RS20169 - Agriculture and China?s Accession to the World Trade Organization
13-Mar-2001; Charles E. Hanrahan; 6 p.

Update: March 13, 2003

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Abstract: The prospect of future growth in demand for agricultural products makes China?s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) an important issue for the U.S. agricultural sector. Most agricultural interest groups strongly support China?s entry into the WTO, because they think it will increase U.S. agricultural exports and enhance farm income. In a November 15, 1999 agreement with the United States, China agreed, upon its accession to the WTO, to substantial reductions in tariffs on agricultural products and to the establishment of tariff rate quotas which expand market access for several agricultural products of interest to the United States. P.L. 106-286, which grants China permanent normal trade relations status (PNTR) contingent upon its accession to the WTO, should help ensure that the United States benefits from China?s market opening in agriculture and other sectors. In the 107th Congress, attention is focused on China?s final WTO accession negotiations where differences over agriculture have become an issue. This report will be updated as developments warrant. [read report]

Topics: International, International Finance, Agriculture

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