? _ RS22797 - Seafood Safety: Background and Issues
25-Jul-2008; Geoffrey S. Becker and Harold F. Upton; 6 p.

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March 28, 2008

Abstract: Although seafood consumption can contribute to a healthy diet, some fish and shellfish can cause foodborne illnesses or contain environmental contaminants. Are current food safety programs sufficiently protecting consumers, and if not, what changes should be considered? A complexity is that most U.S. consumption is from imports. In the 110th Congress, a new farm bill (P.L. 110-234) newly subjects catfish to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection requirements. Elsewhere, a Senate committee-approved bill (S. 2688) is intended to strengthen oversight of seafood imports. Other pending bills include H.R. 3077 and S. 2914, also to improve seafood import safety; and H.R. 5219, to increase funding for seafood inspections.

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Topics: Marine, Natural Resources, General Interest

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