PDF _ R41258 - Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies: FY2011 Appropriations
26-May-2010; Carol Hardy Vincent; 60 p.

Abstract: The Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies appropriations bill includes funding for the Department of the Interior (DOI), except for the Bureau of Reclamation, and for agencies within other departments—including the Forest Service within the Department of Agriculture and the Indian Health Service (IHS) within the Department of Health and Human Services. It also includes funding for arts and cultural agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, and numerous other entities.

The President requested $32.43 billion for FY2011 for Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, a $136.3 million (0.4%) increase over the FY2010 level of $32.29 billion. Despite the relative stability of this total funding, the President sought increases for some agencies and decreases for other agencies. Among the proposed increases for FY2011, over FY2010 appropriations, were the following:

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Topics: Information

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