PDF _ 97-508 - Country-of-Origin Labeling for Foods
25-Oct-2007; Geoffrey S. Becker; 6 p.

Update: Previous releases:
April 26, 2007 June 3, 2005(/nle/crsreports/05jun/97-508.pdf)
August 19, 2004(/NLE/CRSreports/04Aug/97-508.pdf)
January 28, 2003(/nle/crsreports/03Feb/97-508.pdf )

Abstract: The 2002 farm bill (ยง10816 of P.L. 107-171) required retailers to provide country-of-origin labeling for fresh produce, red meats, peanuts, and seafood by September 30, 2004. Congress has twice postponed implementation for all but seafood; COOL now must be implemented by September 30, 2008. In the 110th Congress, supporters have introduced bills (H.R. 357; S. 404) to mandate COOL by September 30, 2007. Opponents of mandatory COOL prefer a voluntary or market-driven program. [read report]

Topics: Agriculture, Legislative, International

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