HTML _ 95-6 - Conservation Compliance: Policy Issues for the 1995 Farm Bill
19-Dec-1994; Jeffrey Zinn; 5 p.

Abstract: Under provisions enacted in the 1985 Food Security Act, all farmers producing agricultural commodities on highly erodible land must fully implement an approved conservation plan by January 1, 1995 to remain eligible for certain farm program benefits. Conservation compliance to control erosion affects about 140 million acres, more than a third of the country's cropland. As the deadline approaches and the 1995 farm bill debate begins, three questions will likely be raised. First, how much erosion control is enough? Second, is USDA's enforcement adequate? Third, will this approach become increasingly ineffective if farm programs continue to be scaled back? This paper reviews the compliance concept, the conservation compliance requirements, the implementation record, and these three questions. [read report]

Topics: Agriculture

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