HTML _ 95-8 - Conservation Reserve Program: Policy Issues for the 1995 Farm Bill
19-Dec-1994; Jeffrey Zinn; 5 p.

Abstract: The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), enacted in 1985, enables producers to bid to retire highly erodible or environmentally sensitive crop land for 10 years (or longer under certain circumstances). Successful bidders receive annual rental payments, and cost-sharing and technical assistance to install approved plantings. The program was to enroll between 40 and 45 million acres before 1996. Program goals are to reduce erosion and excess production, and more recently, to provide other environmental benefits. To date, about 36.5 million acres have been enrolled. These contracts will start to expire in 1995. Congress is expected to consider reauthorization of the CRP as part of the 1995 farm bill debate. Key program questions include whether or not to reauthorize the reserve, its size and what lands should be eligible, the need for incentives to keep currently-enrolled lands out of production after contracts expire, and how to ensure program funding. [read report]

Topics: Agriculture

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