HTML _ RS20079 - Livestock Price Reporting Issues
8-Dec-1999; Geoffrey Becker; 6 p.

Abstract: Meat packers and processors have not been required to report the prices they pay for animals, although the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has long collected and reported this data under an extensive voluntary system. A new mandatory price reporting bill, reported in July 1999 by the Senate Agriculture Committee, was incorporated into the conference version of the USDA FY2000 appropriation (H.R. 1906), and signed into law (P.L. 106-78) on October 22, 1999. Some farm organizations backed mandatory price reporting for packers on the grounds that meat industry consolidation, and the less public marketing arrangements that have resulted, have made it difficult for producers to determine a ¨fair¨ market price. Others argued that such proposals will prove costly for government and industry, raise privacy concerns, and not cure the low livestock prices that helped fuel interest in the idea. [read report]

Topics: Agriculture

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