HTML _ 93-356 - The Steel Jaw Leghold Trap: Issues and Concerns
29-Mar-1993; M. Lynne Corn, Josephine R. Axt; 3 p.

Abstract: Steel jaw leghold traps are used in 47 States in the United States to capture furbearing animals (Florida and Rhode Island have prohibited use except with special permit for nuisance animals, and New Jersey has banned all uses). In addition to use by the fur industry, these traps are employed by State agencies in game management (e.g., to control predators and diseases). The leghold trap issue pits animal welfare groups opposed to the pain and suffering of trapped animals against supporters of the trap who maintain that alternatives are not cost effective and/or efficient. Underlying the leghold debate is the issue of State vs. Federal regulatory control over fish and game; traditionally, laws governing fish and game are under State jurisdiction. Another factor is the widespread belief among trappers that banning leghold traps is simply the first phase of a strategy by animal rights groups to ban all forms of trapping. In the last decade, strong campaigns by animal rights groups have catalyzed public anti-trapping sentiment. Internationally, the European Community (EC) has taken steps to ban leghold trap use in member countries, effective January 1, 1995. [read report]

Topics: Biodiversity, Agriculture

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