HTML _ 94-133 - Florida Manatee: Federal Protection
22-Feb-1994; M. Lynne Corn, Eugene H. Buck; 3 p.

Abstract: The manatee is a large aquatic mammal weighing up to 1 ton and growing to 13 feet in length. The slow-moving vegetarian can live in salt or fresh water and consumes about 100 pounds of water plants daily. The manatee has been listed as endangered since 1967; it is thought that the manatees' best chance for survival is in U.S. waters, since manatee hunting still occurs in the rest of the species' range. Threats to manatees in the United States include habitat loss and boat-related accidents. Because of the increasing numbers of recreational power boats and water activities, boat speed restrictions have been a main source of controversy. Recently, the U.S. manatee population may have increased slightly. This and other species may be a focus of debate during reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act. [read report]

Topics: Biodiversity, Marine

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