Electric Utility Restructuring
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CRS Products on Electric Utility Restructuring

IB10020 Energy Efficiency: Budget, Climate Change, and Electricity Restructuring Issues
IB10041 Renewable Energy: Tax Credit, Budget, and Electricity Restructuring Issues
IB10006 Electricity: The Road Toward Restructuring
98-615 Electricity Restructuring: The Implications for Air Quality
RS20326 Electricity Restructuring and Air Quality: Comparison of Proposed Legislation
RS20553 Air Quality and Electricity: Initiatives to Increase Pollution Controls
RS20491 Electricity Restructuring and the Constitutionality of Retail Reciprocity Requirements
RL30087 Electricity Restructuring: Comparison of H.R. 667 and S. 516
RL30411 Electricity Restructuring and Tax-Exempt Bonds: Economic Analysis of Legislative Proposals
RL30405 State-by-State Comparison of Selected Electricity Restructuring Provisions
RS20270 Renewable Energy and Electricity Restructuring
RS20146 Electricity Restructuring Bills: A Comparison of PURPA Provisions
RS20015 Electricity Restructuring Background: Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA)
98-528 Restructuring Electricity Markets, Public Power and Tax Exempt Bonds: An Economic Analysis

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